The 6 steps to getting your book published:

  1. Editing. Your manuscript needs to be edited for grammar, content, punctuation, plot, dialogue, etc.
  2. Typesetting. After editing, the print book is laid out for printing to look its best.
  3. Cover Creation. All print books and ebooks need an attractive cover to show off the content and attract readers.
  4. Ebook Creation and Formatting. Convert and format your book to an ebook for mobile readers.
  5. ISBNs. All print books and ebooks need an ISBN. Book distributors prefer a separate ISBN for your print book and ebook.
  6. Upload to printing/self-publishing platforms like Lightning Source,, Create Space, etc.
  1. Manuscript Editing

    Please see The Editing Process to get started, and Get Edited for more information.

  2. Print Book Services: Typesetting and Layout

    You have written your book. Now make it look great!

    Typesetting is the process of laying out the text, tables, and images for elegance and maximum reader impact.

    I will create a camera-ready file that can be uploaded to Lightning Source, Create Space, or other printing service.

    • Fonts. The choice of font affects the overall look and feel of your book. A properly chosen font provides just the right ambience for your reader.
    • Book block. The dimensions of the book block (the height and the width of the text on the page, and where it is placed) provides a subtle atmosphere that subconsciously affects how the reader perceives your material.
    • Placement of images, tables, and quotes. The elegant placement of images, quotes, and tables cam provide a pleasing, or jarring, reader experience.
    • Headers and footers. Formatting of the headers and footers in your document also contributes to the appearance of your book.
    • Chapter styles. Chapter styles contribute to how a reader will perceive your book. The chapter information is the first thing the reader sees before reading the content, and can impart a subtle mood. A chapter style for a business book, for example, may be quite different than a chapter style for a novel.
    • All of these factors are under your control!
    • See a few examples (just a very small subset of what is possible) here

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  3. Book Cover

    All print and digital books need a cover that will attract your readers. All covers are designed by professional graphic designers to reflect the content of your book.

  4. EBook creation and formatting

    EBooks require conversion of the book file to EPub format, and must pass rigorous computer checks. Kindle books for, the largest EBook platform, must be specifically formatted to the MOBI format.

  5. ISBNs

    All books published in the United States must have an ISBN, a unique identifier that supplies book distributors with important information about your book. ISBNs are sold by Bowker and cost $125 for individual ISBNs.

  6. Uploading Files

    Once the book interior and the cover file has been prepared and finalized, and the eBook files have been formatted, you are ready to publish! I can do this for you for a small fee, or you can do it yourself. Once all the files have been uploaded your book is available for sale.

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