Manuscript Editing Services

Standard Edit

A Standard Edit consists of either a simple proofread or a copyedit.


A proofread is a check for misplaced punctuation, misspelled words, and other typesetting errors. A proofread is done on a manuscript that is ready to be sent to the publisher, or to be printed, and is a final check by the author. Proofreading takes the shortest editing time because it is usually done with a manuscript that is in good shape. Proofreading is essential for galley proofs, and is a way for the author/publisher to ensure that their book looks perfect when printed.


A copyedit includes proofreading as above, as well as a line edit. In line editing I will also check for grammatical errors, awkward or poorly formed sentences, verb-tense agreement, the overall structure of a manuscript, and all of the other mechanics of writing.

A good copyedit can turn a poorly written manuscript into one that reads smoothly and clearly. Copyediting is the most important editing service and is required in everything from resumes, proposals, and business documents to novels, screenplays, and memoirs.

In a copyedit, I return to you a manuscript that reads smoothly and clearly, free of grammatical errors, misspellings, and awkwardly worded sentences. For academic writing, this includes formatting the journal paper or manuscript to the rigorous requirements of peer-reviewed journals. For works of fiction, I will also comment on anything else that needs correction, such as plot inconsistencies, wooden dialogue, poor characterization, and monotonous or repetitive patterns of writing that turn off the reader. That makes it easier for you to polish up the book for final submission to the publisher. Needless to say, as an editor I will never interfere with your writer's voice. The goal of good fiction writing is, as best-selling author Elmore Leonard said, "to get rid of the stuff readers will skip." A copyedit obviously takes more editing time than a proofread, and my editing fee will reflect this.

Substantive Edit

In a Substantive Edit I will do all of the above AND help you rewrite the manuscript, according to your instructions. A substantive edit requires more collaboration between the writer and the editor, and consequently takes more time and concentration, and is naturally more expensive. Some authors prefer a one-stop-shopping approach, where their editor helps them to rewrite the book. Other authors don't want an editor to touch their material, other than the standard markup. It's up to you! I am flexible.

Get Started

To get started, email Ken with a 1,000 word sample and the TOTAL WORD COUNT of your manuscript. Ken will send you an estimate for editing the entire document and constructive editorial commentary.


Convert your books for display on iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, and other digital display devices

Digital display devices have vastly increased the sales of eBooks. In fact, digital sales have now surpassed the sale of traditional hardcover and paperback books. As an author you don't want to miss out on this important source of income. Let Ken convert your books to the proper format for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc. To get started, email Ken


Typeset your book for printing

Typesetting is the process of organizing text, images, figures, and tables in a manuscript for attractiveness and readability.

In novel writing, carefully chosen fonts and layout can enhance the reading experience of your readers.

In academic journal papers or books, technical manuals, or business papers, typesetting is crucial because a good typesetter can present your material so that readers can easily understand your information. Properly formatted tables, figures, and images enhance readability and look attractive as well.

To get started, email Ken

Translation Services

Translation services between English, Japanese, and Chinese

Translate your document from English to Chinese or Japanese, from Japanese or Chinese to English, and between Chinese and Japanese. Translation services provided by JOINLU, an international company of professionals and PhDs dedicated to intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding. To get started, email Ken


Get a helping hand with your story or memoir

Sometimes you have great ideas but just don't know how to express them.

Ghostwriters are writers who capture a person's voice and write a book that is credited to that person. Ghostwriting is very popular with celebrities (but not at all limited to persons well-known to the public), and people who usually are so busy that they don't have time to write. Usually ghostwriting services are hired for non-fiction works like memoirs or autobiographies, but sometimes ghostwriters can also be hired to write fiction.

Our ghostwriting process would begin with extensive, recorded interviews in which you relate your life story, or the plot and characterization of your novel. I will do the fact-checking, the research, and all of the writing, and present you with a completed manuscript. I will write the book chapter by chapter, and ask for your input and approval as we go along. After the book is completed you read it over and tell me where to make revisions. After you are completely satisfied with the result, our ghostwriting project is complete!

Ghostwriting services can vary anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending upon the length and the complexity of the work. I work on a pay-as-you-go basis, which allows you to drop the project at any time. However, I will not refund any monies received for my services, since ghostwriting requires hours and hours of meticulous work.

Ghostwriting is for people who have a need for publicity, or those who feel passionately about a subject and have the wherewithal to fund such a large undertaking. For inquiries, email or call me. My contact information is on this page.