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Kenneth J. M. MacLean

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5976 Leland Dr.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

email: ken@

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734 223 4933

Pricing Schedule (prices vary depending on size and type of book)

  1. Copyediting: Because every job is different, I do not have a set fee for editing your manuscript. The editing price depends on the genre, the quality of the writing, and the length of your manuscript. Please send me a 1,000 word sample from your document, the total number of words, and any special requirements for your project. I will send you a free estimate along with constructive comments about the writing.

    Please see The Editing Process for more details.

  2. Typesetting and layout for print book (camera-ready)

    • Average price to typeset a 60,000 word book: $475. Price varies depending on size of book and how many images, tables, and equations it contains

    • Cover design: $175. Covers designed by an experienced graphic artist to a print / digital template designed just for your book.

    • ISBNs: every book published in the US must have an ISBN: $60 each, one for your print book, the other for your ebook.

    • Optional: Upload files to Lightning Source, or your favorite self-publishing platform: $60.

    • Books over 60,000 words, or academic books with many tables, figures, and equations, may require an extra fee. Please submit your file to Ken for a firm estimate

  3. EBook Conversion and Formatting:
    • Create and format standard eBook: $175. Fixed layout book with images: $250

    • Books over 500 pages may require an extra fee. Please submit your file to Ken for a firm estimate

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