Personalized Editing and Self Publishing Services

step 1
Email a sample file to me (1000 words),
along with the total word count, and your editing requirements. I will return your sample file to you with my editorial comments and an estimate for editing the entire manuscript.
step 2
Send me the entire document. I return to you an edited manuscript that reads clearly and smoothly.
step 3
[optional] I will typeset your print book, create a cover, create and format your eBook, and procure ISBNs.
step 4
[optional] I will upload your print book and eBook files to Lightning Source, Amazon, or other platform. You're done!

Contact Information:

Kenneth J. M. MacLean

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5976 Leland Dr.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

email: ken@

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734 223 4933

Manuscript Editing

  • Authors: Polish your novel or short story for publication! Get expert help with awkward sentence structure, repetitive writing patterns, plot inconsistencies, poor characterization, and dialogue that just doesn't work.
  • Students: Get your essay or term paper expertly edited or proofread.
  • Academics: Ensure that your dissertation or journal article meets the requirements for review committees or peer-reviewed journals.
  • Website and Graphic Designers: Correct bad punctuation, grammar, and poorly worded content. Describe your content in carefully crafted English that will show off your product or service in its very best light.

Self-publishing Services

  • All-in-one service Get your manuscript edited and/or self-published with one friendly, convenient service.
  • Print books: Elegantly lay out your printed book and book cover to camera-ready standards, ready to print.
  • EBook creation and formatting: Create and format EBooks for Kindle, Apple, and other mobile readers.
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